From: Oliver Xymoron
To: users
Subject: WASTE is 10!

Before there was Amazon or Slashdot or MP3s or ICQ, before cable
modems and DSL and wireless, before animated GIFs or Java or Windows
95, before dotcoms and banner ads and email viruses, and yea before
even the endless September, there was a humble 386SX named WASTE with
4MB of RAM running Linux kernel 0.99pl13f. And on this historic day
those many long years ago, it served its first web page:

 Date: Thu, 13 Apr 1995 12:25:09 -0500 (CDT)
 From: root 
 Subject: Web server up and running

 The NCSA web server is up and running.
 To create your own web pages, create a directory in your home
 directory called WWW, use "chmod 755 WWW" to make it readable to the
 world, and throw your files in there. You should also make those files
 world readable as well. Your documents will then be accessible by

 If the server response is too slow, I can switch it to standalone so
 it runs continuously. The current configuration should conserve the
 scarce memory.

 The internet ftp, mail, finger, telnet, rlogin, and so on servers also
 appear to be operational.

 Lynx is mostly configured (I got the binaries but not the
 configuration files) and there is a login "lynx" password lynx that
 will take you right into it.

 I also added archie, which could conceivably come in handy.

 I've downloaded the caching web proxy from CERN as well, which is what
 we need to access the net without the class C address. Class C will
 cost us $275 a year, I discovered last night, about another $25 a
 month. Sucks.

WASTE once again lives in the living room of a small apartment,
quietly humming away. But now it serves millions of web pages and
transfers millions of emails per month for its users. And we hope to
continue for some years to come. As always, if you have a friend you
think ought to have a WASTE account, let us know!

Some snapshots of WASTE when we were young:


Some historic dates:

Feb  1, 1995  Move into original WASTE estates 
?             Set up coax LAN to dial in to the U of M 
?             Get dedicated dialup from Winternet 
Apr 13, 1995  NCSA webserver, 
Apr 23, 1995  386DX 33, 4MB 
Apr 25, 1995  486DX 33, 8MB 19.2kbps link 
Apr 30, 1995 registered 
May  3, 1995 live, 28.8 link back  
Jun 25, 1995  Dial-in (28kbps), 420M drive 
Aug 13, 1995  Acquired Convex C1 vector supercomputer 
Sep 23, 1995  Spinner webserver 
Nov 10, 1995  Pentium 120, 32MB RAM 
Dec 18, 1995  second dialin (14.4), duct-taped power supply 
Jan  7, 1996  Dial-ins switched to PPP only with "masquerading" (aka NAT)
Jan 22, 1996  FAQ created 
Feb 26, 1996  Zmailer 
Mar 30, 1996  Convex dismantled 
May 27, 1996  WASTE relocated to Zonemage's closet, 30 minutes of downtime 
Jun 17, 1996  Kernel upgrade 1.3.57 -> 2.0.0 
Aug 17, 1996  Relocate server to new WASTE, downtime 30 minutes 
Oct  9, 1996  ISDN, two dialins 
Apr 22, 1997  Slackware to Redhat 
Jun 16, 1997  Hacker deletes my home directory 
Sep  2, 1997  128MB RAM, 4G UW SCSI drive, UPS 
Nov 18, 1997  5 dialins 
Nov 23, 1997  Apache webserver
Jan 19, 1998  t-shirts! 
Mar  8, 1998  OS upgrade? 4.2 -> 5.0 
Jun 11, 1998  Initial DSL experimentation via USWest 
Aug 14, 1998  Dialin limits
Jan 29, 1999  DSL via Orbis 
Mar 10, 1999  First USWest cut-off (50 hours) 
Aug 10, 1999  Second USWest cut-off, fall back to modem uplink (one week) 
Dec 30, 1999  K6-2 400, 256MB RAM 
Jan 13, 2000  Third USWest cut-off (12 days) 
Jun  6, 2000  Back to Sendmail 
Aug 24, 2000  Dump USWest DSL for Rhythms 
Dec 27, 2000  Flooding in server room leaves WASTE standing in a
              couple inches of water while running
Jan  1, 2001  Upstream provider Orbis gets bought by infiwhatever,
              service goes to hell 
Jul  9, 2001  Added basic webmail access 
Sep 10, 2001  Rhythms goes out of business, we switch
              back to USWest (now Qwest) DSL 
Nov 15, 2001  Script kiddies exploit hole in SSH but
              humorously fail to get any further 
Nov 16, 2001  New 900MHz Athlon server with 512MB of RAM and
              150G of LVM storage, running Debian 
Mar 11, 2002  Squirrelmail installed 
Mar 20, 2002  Mailman installed, but ancient Majordomo remains 
May 22, 2002  Sporadic system behavior traced to dead fan 
Jun  1, 2002  Telnet server shut down 
Oct 12, 2002  System-wide email virus scanner installed 
Oct 25, 2002  FTP server shut down 
Dec  9, 2002  Astroturf group Center for Consumer Freedom puts out a 
              press release calling WASTE domestic terrorists for 
              hosting vegetarian e-mail lists 
Mar 12, 2003  Drive failure; upgraded to RAID5 array
Apr     2002  Various visits from the Joint Terrorism Taskforce 
May  9, 2003  Network link flakes out, problem eventually 
              attributed to squirrels chewing through line 
Jun 11, 2003  Phase-out of dialins begins
Jul 10, 2003  Network outage due to gross incompetence at Pixius 
Aug 17, 2004  Large collection of obsolete hardware from WASTE recycled
Sep     2004  Begin mirroring of WASTE to future home in San Francisco
Sep 21, 2004  Second batch of t-shirts printed 
Dec 10, 2004  Remaining three dial-in lines disconnected 
Dec 14, 2004  Hard drive failure in Minneapolis; WASTE brought online
              on new Athlon 2100+ server with 1G RAM in San Francisco 
Jan 14, 2005  Power supply dies in new server, moves over to tempory
              home in dual 64-bit Opteron with 3G of RAM 
Jan 26, 2005  Nearby fire causes a several hour power outage 

 "Love the dolphins," she advised him. "Write by W.A.S.T.E.."