What does the word Andricon mean in the song Vera Blue?- Josh

"Andricon" is another in a string of words that I've made up.
It's an adjective that describes the style and sexuality of Vera Blue. I
think that it's important in the understanding of the word that know that
Vera's a construct of three women that I knew in New York; two drug dealers
and a gun runner and Andricon was a way for me to describe those strange
qualities about them/her that drew me. Very nocturnal, almost pathologically
so. Plastically android-gynous yet still very human underneath...somewhere
beneath the welded plates and wires. Make-up around her LEDs.
Hope that helps. I knew a bunch of kids who started calling themselves
Andricons and their plans were known as 'andriconspears' which I thought was
pretty cool.  Stay loose. New Chemlab record out on Invisible/Crack Nation in the Fall.



What does it all mean?
Jared says this is the deeper meaning behind the band's notable saying:
Fuck all the pretention. If you're gonna do something, do it from the heart.
I thought it was a Ministry and/or Skinny Puppy shirt?
Way back in 1987, Jared was playing in DC with a band called Furnace. He
used the slogan "Fuck Art, Let's Kill" on around 12 t-shirts that he had
printed up. When Ministry came through DC with the
MindIsATerribleThingToTaste tour, Ogre, being an old buddy of Jared's
from the early '80s, wanted a t-shirt. He wore it for large parts of the
rest of the tour, and thus it showed up in the Ministry concert video.

Chemlab isn't the only party to have used the slogan as promotional
material. When a poet friend of Jared's released a book of his latest
work in DC, he had Jared and several buddies stand around at the release
party wearing the shirt. The poet, whose name was Art (now you see it
coming, don't you), had a shirt on that said: FUCK ME I'M ART.

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