Vocals, lyrics, arrangements, and sound hack: Jared Louche

Various musicians have played with Chemlab including: Dylan Thomas Moore (formerly of Chemlab on music arrangements, programming, loop surgery, sampling), Charles Levi (bass), Martin Atkins, Geno Lenardo (guitars),  John DeSalvo, Timmy Rockmore, Randy Rollner, Mark "Fiendish" Kermanj, Steve"Fly" Watson, Ned Wahl (bass), Jason Novak, FJ DeSanto, Jamie Duffy, Greg "Cool-Hand" Lucus.

by Xenon

Originally out of D.C., Chemlab is a very unique band, with a electronic/industrial sound. The core members of the original band were Jared Hendrickson and Dylan More. The technical wizardry of Dylan perfectly matched with Jared's lyrical savvy.

Chemlab got its start when Dylan More was searching for a vocalist and Jared's name was mentioned. The two were introduced at the 9:30 Club in Washington D.C., and soon they started their musical partnership. Jared turned Dylan onto a different, more intense kind of music embodied by older industrial bands like the Throbbing Gristle and Whitehouse.

Chemlab's debut EP, "Ten Ton Pressure", was a big success considering its relatively poor distribution. "Ten Ton Pressure" got the attention of a core of industrial music fans, and helped pave the way for the group. Although this EP is now out of print, all of the tracks are on the album, "Magnetic Field Remixes".

"Burnout at the Hydrogen Bar"  has been Chemlab's most successful album to date. The fast and biting sound of the album sparked the interest of cold wave fans. Many of the songs use guitar segments and ADAT's coupled with Jared's aggressive vocals and creative lyrics.

"Magnetic Field Remixes", contained one new track, three remixes from "Burnout at the Hydrogen Bar", and Chemlab's first EP "Ten Ton Pressure". Although most of the album consists of Chemlab songs reborn, the track "21st Century", is a different sound for Chemlab.  In "21st Century", the guitar is more involved than in other Chemlab songs and Jared's vocals are more pronounced.

 "East Side Militia" was a completely new approach for Chemlab. Songs like "Exile on Mainline" represent much of Chemlab's previous material, however, a new, distinct sound emerged on the album. One of the new characteristics was the tempo of many of the songs. For example the track "Vera Blue" moves at a much slower pace than tracks on prevoius albums. "Pyromance" is another track with a slower pace, featuring Geno Lenardo on guitar. "Electric Molecular" is highly electro-machine driven, with various samples and voice distortion. Other tracks are quite good even without their usual sharp, industrial edge.

Jared has also been involved in numerous side projects including: Pigface, Hell3ent, Vampire Rodents, To Live and Shave, and Etherbunny.  See the Discography for a full listing.

The original members of Chemlab broke up in the late Summer of 1997. The disintegration of Fifth Colvmn Records and disagreements among the band members led to a decision to part ways. The interviews section contains more detailed information about the band and its members.

Chemlab was re-born in 2004 with the release of Oxidizer by Jared Louche with the collaboration of various other musicians.  Oxidizer was a long awaited follow-up that did not disappoint.

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