Jared's favorite links and his comments relating to the sites-


A new Chemlab site hosted by Jared

Hydrogen Chemlab web site with loads of good bytes (currently under construction)

Jared and site contributor's favorite skyscaper and Chrysler Building links   "I can't even begin to describe what a wealth of cool info
 and linx and ideas and visuals and videos this site is. It remains my fave
 site out there. I could (and periodically do) spend all day in front of it
 plunging into its depths. It'll get you plugged in to some of the most
 cutting edge culture around and all of it wrapped up in stunning graphix!
 excellent taste in music as well. Stop reading this and LINK UP NOW!"  "Do I really need to say anything about the Acumen boys
 and the multitude of high caliber projects they're involved in? I should
 hope not. If you don't know what they're all about, check out this link and
 tell 'em Jared sen'cha!"   "What else needs to be said? Go check 'em out. Buy
all their records. Pay attention!"

Michael Moore -Great site. Mike’s fantastic and anyone who’ll give the kind of acceptance speech
that he gave at the Oscars deserves to be listened to and supported. A revolutionary mind in a time
  when free speech and open mindedness are considered seditious. Buy his books. See his movies.
Check out his web site. Go. Now. What are you waiting for?   "Obviously THE site for all the latest news about the
coolest Machine Rock band on the face of the planet. Chat rooms, music down
loads, swag and loads of cool stuff. They are perhaps my fave band (and have
been for many years) and deserve all the support you can give them."   "The best BILE-style heavy duty rock crunch can be found
here on Kryztoff's site. He's one of the primogenitors of a scene that
Slipknot and the like have built their careers on. Fire, violence, nerve
shredding riffs, mud, blood, assault, masks, 50 people on stage, incredibly
high threat level, BILE were doing this more than ten years ago, long before
the current crop of musicians were out of short pants."

x-lover- "This is the site for Bryan Black’s newest and possibly coolest band yet.
Working with minimalist super digi-drummer and programmer Oli Shadow,
x-lover ooze tension, sex and cool, like reductive
  Prince on too many valiums and bad speed. Incredibly lo-end and gritty.
They’re signed to City Rockers.
Also check out the haloblack site where you can see clips from their last London
show and you can pester him to burn you a copy of “Throb”.
At the moment that’s the only way you’ll get it.
It’s brutally fractured and static-driven. His best record yet."   "FINALLY. The man who seldom gives interviews now provides the world with
not only his own web site, but a blog as well. Simply stunning and long
  overdue. The creator of the consensual hallucination that we all now know as cyberspace
allows us a road inside his pan. Jack in, tune on, blast off!"

Joel-Peter Witkin "One of my favorite visual artists, Witkin's mutative replications of
classical paintings are beautiful subversion and the fabric of waking
nightmares."- Thanks Josh for the link!  "Ahhhh, let’s hear a cheer for the French. Let’s not forget that New York
wouldn’t be New York without the French...and space will never be the same after you see this site.
  Great 60’s Space Age visions and cool navigation. Also a good reminder that Pierre Cardin
was once a trend setter and not preppy deluxe.
  “Freedom” fries my ass!!"

  Edge- “To arrive at the edge of the world's knowledge, seek out the most complex and sophisticated minds,put
them in a room together, and have them ask each other the questions they are asking

   Download Yellowtail and you’ll never leave your tech-cave.   "This is an amazing site set up by a band of design terrorists aligned with
the burnlab camp. Twisted sense of humor and loaded with cool links
to such great and noisy labels as Noise Addict. Cool
  updated 50’s meets 70’s aesthetic. "

 " , which is a great resource site for underground machine
 rock and cold wave. Good place to find cool new music. They also have a
 sharp, dark looking site and loads of band connex. Excellent."

 Merlin's Arcade "THE site to keep you up to date with one of the
 musicians that I really wanted to sign to Fifth Column Records...
 Fortunately for him it never happened. Just recently discovered that he's
 still doing music. Deserves all the support, money and exposure we can give
 him."  "The twisted Aesthetic Meat Foundation site, one of my
 faves in the meat, dog carcass, performance and paintings department. Need I
 say more? Go check it out!"  is the site run by one of my best friends. Paula served hard duty
with Chemlabas drum tech, driver, co-manager, stage manager, road crew and as a friend and fighter.  Not a woman to be crossed as I’ve seen her finish off guys much larger
than she and out drink almost anyone I know.  Well, she doesn’t drink at all anymore, but she’s still one hell of a fighter.  Freakishly intelligent too.  Sulpher have been described by some as “England’s answer to NIN” and I think that that sells them incredibly short. Yes, their influences are blindingly obvious but their sound is deliciously dense, full of ragged bursts of noise and shriek that is missing from so much Machine Rock. Good heavy riffs as well. the site is fluid and really well designed by Dean from Curve. Excellent work. Go swallow this rusted spike.