In the tradition of
The Futurists
The Surrealists
Antonin Artaud
Allan Kaprow
Joseph Beuys
Tadeusz Kantor

14 January 1999

prax-is (prak'sis) n., pl. prax-es (prak'seez'):
Practical application or exercise
of a branch of learning.
Group picture.
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The Praxis Group's historical struggle is highlighted in a paper presented to the 1998 American Society for Theatre Research Annual Meeting,Washington, DC
From a conference on the Mall of America, sponsored by the Weissman Art Museum at which the Praxis Group spoke:
The Praxis Group is a Minneapolis-based unit which stages site-specific, unsanctioned and unsolicited projects within the confines of public spaces which are privately owned. Using the particular rules established by a specific institution as well as incorporating the architectural site, the Praxis Group creates situations which challenge the various apparatuses of control with in an institution. By subverting the cultural and representational practices of specific locations, the Praxis Group represents a paradoxical threat - the conflict created when a large group of individuals systematically challenges the doctrine of a singular space, by following the established rules.