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LameNESS Magazine was started in 1992 in the the 612 Area Code by a bunch of lamers who were fed up with such abhorrent qualities in electronic magazines such as quality, information, and impressive graphics. This led to an almost three-year rampage across all the local BBSes with monthly editions of their e-mag, dedicated entirely to the concept of being lame. Unfortunately, more and more lamers discovered IRC, thus disappearing off the face of the Earth for all time, and the size of the LameNESS Staph diminished over time until there were no more lamers to make the magazine. LameNESS finally gave up the ghost in early 1995.

This page serves as a tribute to all lamers out there, and possibly as a means for the whole thing to start up again, if we get REALLY bored.

(*)Download the last issue of LameNESS Magazine, LameNESS #29 (1,427,247 bytes)

(*)Download Previous Issues of LameNESS Magazine
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(*)Download Assorted Side-Projects of the LameNESS Staph
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