Armchair Rambo

Armchair Rambo, the renowned author of the runaway best-seller WRITING HAIKU GENERATORS IN C, has also written a number of books on the the C programming language, including C IS FOR KEWL, WINDOWS SUCKS, and C ME, FEEL ME, TOUCH ME, PAY ME. He has also written books on cooking, auto repair, and dog racing for fun and profit. That is, he wrote the books for fun and profit.

Rambo is president of Universal Computing Laboratories, Inc., a software and train engineering firm. He holds a master's degree in computer science from the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana.

When Mr. Peabody went AWOL from the LameNESS staph in early 1993, the remaining staphers were desperate for a coder, worried their string of uninterrupted monthly spewl would be broken. It is a measure of their desperation that at this time they turned to Armchair Rambo. They needed someone with Peabody's limited grasp of programming, but also a person with personal hygiene habits that would allow working with others. They had decided after Peabody's sudden and unexpected departure that a more varied coding staph would be necessary, and that they would never again be dependent on the coding of a single lamer.

With all the programming talent available in the computing community, it was becoming increasingly difficult to find people incompetent enough to do it their way. With his experience in Windows as his primary achievement, Rambo seemed like a good fit. LameNESS for Windows became a reality, and soon became a regular release along with the DOS version of the magazine. The staph succeeded in diversifying the coding staph, acquiring a slew of C, BASIC, and, impressively, batch file writers.

Armchair is a regular contributor to LameNESS magazine, when they bother to put his shit in it.

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