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1 9 7 8

mid Daniel Ash, Dave Exton, Kevin Haskins,
and David J. Haskins play several shows
in Northhampton as The Craze.

november Daniel Ash contacts Peter Murphy and
they write "Boys","Bite My Hip",
"Dark Entries", "Shows", "In The Night",
and "Some Faces".

Ash and Murphy form a band named "S.R."
with Kevin Haskins and Chris Barber.

december S.R. plays its first show in Northampton
for Nene College of Art's Christmas ball
(event booked by Glenn Campling). Plays
one more show before David Haskins replaces
Chris Barber. David renames the group
"Bauhaus 1919".

31 Bauhaus 1919 play at Cromwell Public
House in Wellingborough.

1 9 7 9

january 26 Bauhaus 1919 records demo containing
"Bite My Hip", "Harry", "Bela Lugosi's Dead",
and "Boys".

may Name changed to Bauhaus.

mid Record "Bela" for Small Wonder.
Tape for "Live in the Studio" recorded at this session.

september "Bela" released.

december 4 Bauhaus record a session for the John Peel Show.

10 Bauhaus approached by Axis Records after
a show at The Rock Garden

1 9 8 0

january 3Axis Records releases "Dark Entries".
First session for John Peel show is broadcast.

february Beggars Banquet reissues "Dark Entries" while
Axis changes its name to 4.A.D.

june 4AD release "Terror Couple Kill Colonel".

july Begin recording for their first album.

september Bauhaus plays four shows in the US.

october Bauhaus begins touring in support of the
unreleased album. 4AD re-releases "Terror
Couple Kill Colonel
" with wrong version on the B side.
4AD also releases "Telegram Sam".

november 4AD releases debut album "In The Flat Field"
and 12" version of "Telegram Sam".

1 9 8 1

january Bauhaus is signed to Beggars Banquet
Band records a session for the Peter
Powell show on Radio One.

march 12 Appear on TV show "New York Dancestand"
while on tour in the US.

april "Kick In The Eye" is released
David Jay records single with Rene Halkett
of original Bauhaus art school.

june "Passion of Lovers" released.
august 1 The Sinister Ducks play a show in Northampton.

october Beggars Banquet release "Mask".

4AD release David Jay/Rene Halkett
collaboration containing "Nothing"
and "Armour".

1 9 8 2

february Bauhaus appears on BBC 2's "Riverside".

"Searching For Satori" released.

24 Bauhaus plays show at the Old Vic Theatre
that is filmed and later released as
"Shadow of Light".

march 4AD releases "Tones on Tail" 12".

13 Third BBC session for John Peel show.

22 Opening sequence for "The Hunger"
filmed at Heaven in London.

june "Spirit" released.

october 4 Bauhaus play "Ziggy Stardust"
and "The Spy In The Cab" on BBC 2's TV show
"Old Grey Whistle Test".

Beggars Banquet releases "Ziggy Stardust".

7 Bauhaus appears on BBC 1's "Top of the Pops".

14 "Interview Situation" recorded.

november 19 Band appears live on BBC's "Oxford Road Show".

1 9 8 3

january 15 "Lagartija Nick" released.

june 17 Final Radio One recording session.

april "She's In Parties" released.

may 12 World tour begins, including France, Greece,
Israel, Hong Kong, and Japan.

july 5 Final live show at London's Hammersmith Palais.
David leaves the stage with the words:
"Rest in peace".

15 "Burning From The Inside" released.

august 4 Bauhaus inform Beggars Banquet of their
intention to part ways.

september 4AD releases the single "4AD".

october Beggars Banquet releases "The Singles 1981-83".

december Bauhaus Information Club distributes "The Sanity Assassin".

1 9 9 8

may 25 Beggars Banquet announces two Bauhaus reunion
shows at the Hollywood Palladium and
a forthcoming retrospective, "Crackle".

29 Tickets for both shows go on sale
at noon and are sold out within 15 minutes.
A third show added later in the day also sells out.

july 7 US release date of "Crackle".

10-12 Three shows at the Hollywood Palladium in Los Angeles.

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