"Electric Molecular (single)"

(c) Fifth Colvmn Records,1996

Tracks 2 and 3 remixed by Sascha K. and Chris Shepard for KMFDM Inc.

Track 4 reconceived, reconstructed, and controlled by Marc Lacorte, John Seput, and Joseph Yutsus.

 Assisted by Steven Debello. Recorded @ Synthtek.

Electric Molecular (single) Playlist

1. album version

 2. KMFDM "death before taxes" mix

 3. KMFDM instrumental "no taxes" mix

 4. Black Metal Box mix



Electric Molecular

First it seemed electrical another way to stimulate Chaos-on-chaos collapsing more every day Next the wires disrupting, molecules exploding, combined in acid corroding Cannot block the signal from the battery to the brain Cannot block the poison from the trigger to the vein Cannot stop the impact in the breakdown lane Spinning off the axis, madness burning brighter every day Shine on... decimated Shine on... into oblivion Overflow the ??, gyrate strobe Hangin' upside down now in cold magnetic limbo Next cruel (?) circuit in the white hot noise You'll recognize your demons by the shrieking of their voice Shine on... decimated Shine on... into oblivion Try and live to isolate destructive combination Supernova overloaded in acceleration Hard wired, hard drive, spinning down Now static the final sound Shine on... decimated Shine on... into oblivion