01. pinksuture
02. Binary Nation
03. White Room Black Eye
04. suture
05. Black Snake Voodoo Hiss
06. Atomic Automatic
07. Force Quit
08. suture
09. Scornocopia
10. Mega Hurts
11. Monkey God
12. Queen Of Despair (ode to the diode)
13. suture

Binary Nation

All the little seeds that you sowed; In the dark are fully grown; Fully sparked there all the rage; In the machine age; With their halogen hate and their space-age face; They’ve come to take you down; Take your place…….Dirty film clip loop; retrograde crap shoot; Never know what you’ll find; In the back of your mind the gap; Between the truth telling lies; purple static hazed eyes; Turn it off, kill the light; Turn it out what’s the score; I’m not blind but I can’t see the shit anymore……Wanna spread my smear all across your ears; Sing star-spangled tatter chant chatter cheer……..Everything is coming to a boiling point your gun at the eye of the sun and your daughters on the run across your screen-burned wasteland where the liar lies down with the lamb; For a scam, what’s the score; I’m not blind but I can’t see shit anymore….Do you want to be free or do you want to be right?

White Room Black Eye

Creepy crawl annoying insect; In your silverscreen headset; Stop movin' in on my crowd; You're bringin' me down......Think you’re so cinematotastic; You’re brain reloaded automatik; Your soul re-molded barbie-plastic; When you talk all I hear is static….Where will you be when all the make-up smears off?; Who will you be when all the drugs wear off?; Where will you go?  What will you do?; When you discover you’re the anti-cool?….You’re so hysterical and asymmetrical; It’d be so sad if it weren’t so fucking comical; Get your picture on the cover of the noise paper; Oh baby, you’re going to be so god-damned famous….Here comes the shockwave to wake you up, take you down; Coming back to flip your switch and turn you ‘round

Black Snake Voodoo Hiss

I’ll scan for you in infra-red; Unleash the hunger in your head; Catch a steel low-engine whine; Along the sweating curve of your spine; ‘Cause it’s not really fun; Til electricity hums and gets us shivering shuddering shaking; Come all undone; On the lip of the whispering night; Your little moth wings come alight…...I got my fork and my knife; Cut myself a sweaty slice; Dropped my blackened spoon; I’ve got a taste for you; You better run for your life; I’ll take a slice off the back…..Your oil-slick black eyes rainbow shimmer; Halo of the fire flicker glitter and glimmer; drag your lo-light drapes around me; winking satellites surround me; I embrace your tender fracture; (You’re) my particular spectacular…. I got my fork and my knife; Cut myself a sweaty slice; Dropped my blackened spoon; I’ve got a taste for you; My teeth incising for a bite; You better run for your life….I’m hacking into you tonight; Ball-gag leather-tight; Spat out, shat out; Last page torn out; Worn out turned down; Turned on and turned out

Atomic Automatic

Let the strangeness in again; The damage shows the circuitry beneath the skin; Yesterday’s a dream; Tomorrow’s never coming through; Blank stare, your screen turns blue; The lie’s the only thing that’s true….Another jagged shard, a shovel full of dirt; Another cheek turned towards the hurt; No neutral ground, no safety lock, no DMZ; No place to wash your hands, get clean; Reach out your hand, your back was turned; Grab a spark and then it burned; mono-electrolytic stomach churn….Let it in; Let it out….Empty head feeds you an exit bomb; Empty head wants you to sing along….Shooting v2’s at the blackened stain; Into the heart of the bruised fruit plain; Nothing so deep it can’t be dug up; Nothing so clean it can’t be fucked up; Duck low you might avoid detection; Total lobotomy is your best copy protection….Keep it out, keep it out, keep it out

Force Quit

I can see the curtain; The ending; Knew it was on its way; I just didn’t want it to be today….Watching the cityscape; Drift from day to dusk to dark; Blurrily indistinct the sooty cape; Slowly slips across its jagged shape….Lights signaling; Some winking on; Then blinking off….Lights signaling; Some winking on; redandredandwhite….I can see; Piss over battersea; Floating in flight….On quiet nights I can hear the stars; And cosmonauts talk; A ragged 30-watt moon; Hangs over my hotel room….I saw you nodding out in; The mouth of the night; Face full of white light grace….And I push your body out into space; Let it go, watch it drift away….Going on to beggar and bitter things; Just a fly with little plucked off wings…. Going on to beggar and bitter things; Never fly, never earn your wings….And when the stars are all burned out; Don’t try and tell me what it’s all about


Your rough beauty catches my breath; Trashed flashed and too much make-up; Spiked-heeled sky-scraped; but baby you got some guts; With your toothy grin around your gun; What did you say?….Wanna die young die young; That’s what you said; That’s what you did; Your such a cliché; Behind your mirrored shades….Well it’s been no laugh; In your oxygen mask; You suffer your last gasp; Strapped in; Draining; The stuttering light fades at last….With your burned-out; Country club superstar looks; As the rock cooks; Cocktail hour smile collapse; Slack-jawed black-eyed excess; Yeah baby you’re a total knock-out….Remember what you said to me?….Scraping the gutter; For hard-ons and hardwire; In the guitar lazy night

Mega Hurts

The earth is such a long way down (from here); Watching the evening slide away (drift clear); Darkness slips across its face (turn round); The distant lights all fade away; They slowly winking off and out….Pieces are coming apart; With a static hiss; Can’t see the stream through all of this; Can’t escape the slow-lo grind; Desperate slow decline; That takes its time; And slowly takes apart your mind….As the signal comes in; And the lights decay; Put the hollow screen up to my face; Shed my diamond skin; and let the outside in….Lights blurring down the tunnel; Bar-code the windshield; Dazzled strips floro-aftertaste; Ionocrome….I’m all alone and drenched in drone; A scratchy wind-up gramophone; It’s such a long way down; It’s such an awful long way home…. As the signal comes in; And the lights go out; Put my face up to the screen; shed my diamond skin; To let the light pour in.

Monkey God

count down; 1-2-3-4....1 the bruise........2 the fuse.....3 abuse.......4 let it loose
let it loose; get your neck  out of that noose
the noise is less; the stink is more the need remains scratch your brains until they’re sore cruising from snoozing to bruising
light it up; get it hot; the fireworks are taking off and you get gunshot cruising from snoozing to bruising
i got no monkey i got no monkey; i got no monkey god on my back
talking to you from the top of the dial; unjam rebuke refuse denial

Queen Of Despair (ode to the diode)

I'm a space cadet; I'll be the first to admit it; Feeling inundated with surface noise skip; Swamped with static hiss crackled blip; Feel like I’m wound to tight; Mainline the power grid tonight….Hooked up to the TV I.V.; Drain, drain all day; Whisper quietly away; Klips and blips; Steer me out into the stream; Of channel-scratching noise; And away from the world….Space cadet; I’ll be the first to admit it; I’m double-sided in three ways….Fractionalised behind bit-mapped eyes; I miss your digitised face; Broken in pixelate….Desynchronise; Come unglued; Stretch out your strands; And I’ll connect with you; Disconnect with you….Stubbed out your frustration; In my ashtray hole; In my black-and-blue soul….Pour my brain into a paper cup and; scrape across the universe….I’ll be your king of decay; If you’ll be my queen of despair; We’ll make a lovely desperate pair.