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"With perhaps the most faithful following in Minneapolis that I've seen, February are a spectacular live show, and 'Tomorrow is Today' made everything complete. If you get it indie now, you can look real cool when they're big."
- lemon, Cake Magazine, Fall '97
"The added experience really shows on February's diverse full-length debut on Chicago's Carrot Top Records, "Tomorrow is Today", the most adventurous and successful work of the group's career...a bigger, brighter picture of the February vision, with more distinct stripes of perky pop, moody minimalism, tasteful amounts of techo-rhythm programs and groovy surprises."
- Jim Meyer, Star Tribune, October '97
"February's live shows keep listeners dreaming and dancing through rich guitar landscapes littered with the shrapnel of delicate fallout..."
- Jason Josephes, Squealer, January '97
"Having created the standard for effects-heavy cerebral rock among younger players and fans...the Febs are still moving up, on the brink of signing with Chicago's cool Carrot Top label."
- Simon Peter Groebner, City Pages, December '96
"February is one of the most wonderful living contradictions I've ever come across, a collision of ambient music and driving rock that I'd previously though impossible...one of the few debuts to truly capture a band at their best."
- Bill Snyder, Squealer, January '97
"While their four song cassette sold at shows last year was a slice of pure pop heaven, their new disc is heavenly sedated. Tempos wax and wane, feedback changes to melody, this dream is never sleepy. Theirs is the world of the layered, simple yet somehow so big, pop song."
- Jill Langer, FANZ Magazine, Spring '96
"If you've never heard February, imagine U2's latest trippier stuff made a little fuzzier, add some female vocals, and that's roughly what you get. It's pretty cool stuff."
- The Minnesota Daily, 2/15/96
"Call it spacey noise, tell them that they rock with all the fury of bands like Smashing Pumpkins and with all the mellower splendor of fellow-scenesters Low, leaving them somehow comparable to Ivy or Medicine, but somehow not even close. But whatever you do, don't call it dream pop...February is a band that understands the way your feeling so well, they wrote six songs about it and put out a CD just for you."
- Dan LaMere, Kamikaze Magazine, 1996
"...they're waking from a dreamy four month hibernation that must have induced their self-release Even The Night Can't Tell You From A Star. I can't tell february from stars either; their first cassette and 7-inch alone have helped build a rabid, all-age following. Is it their youthful recharge of the dream-pop non genre, their intimate but explosive stage chemistry, or the angelic vocals of their lead singer?"
- Simon Peter Groebner, City Pages, 2/14/96
"...First Avenue in Mpls... February is able to convery a massive feeling of emotions, and the listener is totally sucked in by it...this band works with beauty like few others do these days and is probably one of the nicest bands out there."
- Matt Kummer, The Spectator, September '96
"It seemed doubtful that February's trance inducing pop sound could work in a rambunctious beer hall, but as the band glided through its set, a wedding party spilled over from the back bar. The bride-to-be bumped and shook like a "Soul Train" dancer to the band's fluid groove."
- Jim Meyer, Minneapolis Star Tribune, June '96
"Besides being a great month to be born in, February is also a moody, elemental pop group..."
- Pitch Weekly, Kansas City, 9/12/96
"February is the band dreams are made of. Each song shimmers with an ebbing and flowing of guitar awash in a beautiful landscape of drums, bass, and vocals which allow you to escape to another world. I recently had the chance to see this band live (twice actually), and they're able to bring the sound of their studio work into the live arena. To be blunt, this band rules. Alot."
- Tim Schloe, Cake Magazine, 1995
"Minneapolis' February plays an evocative brand of dream pop that winds itself around singer Amy Turany's voice and Damian Neubauer's impressive, impressionistic guitar work for a sound that's part Sundays, part Bettie Serveert and part cool listening bliss."
- Chicago's New City, 11/2/95
"The record, like the band, has all the magical deliciousness of a crate of Lucky charms and more."
- Ryan Kallberg, Minnesota Daily, October '97
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Tomorrow Is Today
Radio K Top 77 Releases of 1997 : #22
Radio K CMJ Top 30 (02/23/98 - 03/01/98) : #27
Radio K CMJ Top 30 (02/16/98 - 02/22/98) : #18
Radio K CMJ Top 30 (02/09/98 - 02/15/98) : #22
Radio K CMJ Top 30 (02/02/98 - 02/08/98) : #19
Radio K CMJ Top 30 (01/26/98 - 02/01/98) : #na
Radio K CMJ Top 30 (01/19/98 - 01/25/98) : #na
Radio K CMJ Top 30 (01/12/98 - 01/18/98) : #06
Radio K CMJ Top 30 (01/05/98 - 01/11/98) : #04
Radio K CMJ Top 30 (12/29/97 - 01/04/98) : #na
Radio K CMJ Top 30 (12/22/97 - 12/28/97) : #na
Radio K CMJ Top 30 (12/15/97 - 12/21/97) : #03
Radio K CMJ Top 30 (12/08/97 - 12/14/97) : #04
Radio K CMJ Top 30 (12/01/97 - 12/07/97) : #04
Radio K CMJ Top 30 (11/24/97 - 11/30/97) : #na
Radio K CMJ Top 30 (11/17/97 - 11/23/97) : #01
Radio K CMJ Top 30 (11/10/97 - 11/16/97) : #02
Radio K CMJ Top 30 (11/03/97 - 11/09/97) : #02
Radio K CMJ Top 30 (10/27/97 - 11/02/97) : #04
Radio K CMJ Top 30 (10/20/97 - 10/26/97) : #10
Radio K CMJ Top 30 (10/13/97 - 10/19/97) : #19

Even The Night Can't Tell You From A Star
Radio K Top 77 Releases of 1996 : #28
Radio K CMJ Top 30 (04/15/96 - 04/21/96) : #18
Radio K CMJ Top 30 (04/08/96 - 04/14/96) : #13
Radio K CMJ Top 30 (04/01/96 - 04/07/96) : #06
Radio K CMJ Top 30 (03/25/96 - 03/31/96) : #05
Radio K CMJ Top 30 (03/18/96 - 03/24/96) : #04
Radio K CMJ Top 30 (03/11/96 - 03/17/96) : #02
Radio K CMJ Top 30 (03/04/96 - 03/10/96) : #01
Radio K CMJ Top 30 (02/26/96 - 03/03/96) : #04

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