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February - Tomorrow Is Today CD
Carrot Top Records Cat. No. SAKI019
Distributor Price: $7.50/List Price: $14.98
Ship Date: October 13, 1997/Release Date: October 20, 1997
UPC#7 89397-0019-2 9

"February is one of the most wonderful living contradictions I've ever come across, a collision of ambient music and driving rock that I'd previously thought impossible. Trippy, moody and even playful."
-Squealer on "Even The Night..."
The Minneapolis quartet February follow-up their tremendous, self-released debut cd Even The Night Can't Tell You From A Star (which has already sold 3000 copies) with their first album from Carrot Top Records that has so far eclipsed any expectations that we don't even know where to begin.

While the band bristles at the term, their sound has been pigeonholed as Dreampop. Tomorrow Is Today leaps beyond Even the Night... on many fronts and ultimately makes the dreampop tag irrelevant. The ethereal reverie of their debut effort does carry over to Tomorrow but more often that not it falls in layers over frequently uptempo dancey beats and even some flat out rock songs that remind of everything from Eno to U2 to Love and Rockets. The precision, almost mechanical, drumming of Todd Reubold, with occasional jungley machine rhythms, and rock solid, loping bass lines of Steve Saari anchor every number and provide the foundation for the extraordinary, cosmic guitar work of Damian Neubauer. Disembodied shards of noise caught in frenzied, whirling torrents carry February into deep space. And through all the dexterous rhythms and cosmic noise, there shines the siren voice of Amy Turany who draws you in and envelopes you in the warmth of each passing moment with soothing songs of dreams, erotica and longing.

February are: atmospheric syrup, trancey pop, spacey mayhem, enrapturing enchantment, erotic noise.
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