Front 242 Lyrics

Born To Breathe

Kick it where it hurts
and you kick it hard
what does the future hold for me ?


In the world outside
everything's the same
When you look in the mirror
what do you see


You play with yourself
then you cry when you start to bleed
you'r better then nothing (some prob. with this line)
you pretend that you don't need
It's hard for you to give
when all you do is, you take - (give/and?) you take
I give you something
a flower at you fucking wake

Chorus I
    Born to breathe
    and not much else
    You'll die for nothing
    like everybody else

Chorus II
    Born to breathe
    nothing is what I am
    noone to save me
    from myself
    I can't see
    blind is what I am
    swimming for the womb
    like everybody else

What's your is your's
and what's mine is also your's
If you had your way
I'll be crawling on the all fours
I give you the finger
but you want the whole hand
the hand that slaps you
and make you understand

Chorus I
Chorus II
Chorus II

Transcribed by Joergen Persson (