LiveCode Review


I can't say I'm a huge fan of live CDs. Personally, I'm more interested in hearing new songs, and there are none of these on offer on this CD. Mind you, after quite a prolific last year from Front242, we can't really complain. I guess this CD is a bit of a "breather"... and it is good to hear some excitement breathed back into the old songs, along with the new. It's not that the older songs are drastically different here - far from it - but there is a fuller overall sound, which was probably the main difference between the "clinical" sound of their FrontxFront album when compared to Evil Off.

Recorded october 93 in Holland, one standout is of course the old staple of the dance-room floor, "Headhunter" with a terrific live-sounding drum sound for added intensity. Two tracks I was most interested to discover that they play live were "Punish Your Machine", from the Tragedy For You CD single, and that amazing barrage of rhythm of sound from the "hidden track" of "Tyranny for You". They indulge in a mild bit of heresy in "Welcome to Paradise"... no I don't mean with their samples but with a bit of wild guitar floating around!

It's distributed by Shock locally, so take a look at the CD's brilliant yellow colour in your favourite CD store and you may be tempted to buy it... you're unlikely to be disappointed.

Sean Davidson
Taken from the VIVISECT WWW-pages.
PIAS' newsletter on this release is available from their WWW pages