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Wednesday, April 27, 2005


Started pulling together all that is know from the great forum threads regarding how to handle the audio for the game. Compiling into a directional doc to help stear audio over the next year(s?). Almost completed with all sound assets in the big spreadsheet, almost time to get down ta bidness!

Code progress, word is that the ambients are (mostly) in. (Havent heard yet in-game)

Done and Done.
He said he would pay me this week, but in the future wants to delay payment until game "goes gold"...we shall see.

Now if I can get him to include me on any future profit summaries. :P

Obelisk/Bomberman Clone:
Redoing sounds for further approval.

Dev continues to promise (Sound) Design Doc so I can get started thinking about it. J seems like an on top of it fella...but still seems a bit loose.

Picked up the gig for this MMOG Zelda-ish game. Working on some implementation theories and trying to round up some kindof Sound Design Doc of sorts...possibly off the art list. There was talk about hearing based abilities in-game that would "distort" the players ability to hear things. This would be handled in part by proximity, but I also liked the concept of "distorting" and currently have 2 ways to deal with it:
1. Different samples for each level of hearing (per entity), each would be slightly less distorted. Benefits, easy to tweak just right...there might only be 4 levels of hearing ability, so it would be a huge issue...probly just a batch process...but definatly takes up space.


2. Use EAX to obstruct/occlude if hearing ability is weak. Elegant, simple, oh EAX why do you taunt me. ;)

Voodoo Poker:
Need to move on it...think i've got some good stuff cooking.

Diamond Revolution:
Emailed preliminary SFX pack for experimentation...still cannt play the game, but mebbe he'll send me an in-game movie.

Projects on hold:
Email from the dev (in response to one from me) said:
"Re: Sound Design:Not much - i have been busy recruiting developers but have not seen any of them commit yet to the project."
mmm good luck!

Maginally Cleever:

Diamond Revolution 

Diamond Revolution
Acquired Project April 21st

Bash 2: The sound you hear when you hit a crystal crusher
Bash 3: the sound you hear when you die
'Basketball' the sound you hear when you hit a surface
Chop3: the sound you hear when you change your color
Explosion-Blast-2: the additional sound you hear when you hit the
crystal crusher
Glass smash 2: the most often played sound in the game, when you hit &
destroy diamonds
Impact fx 2: when you hit an invertion block & change your direction
Zap-Ripping Zap: the sound you hear when you press Thrust to start the level

Replacements for royalty free effects.
Sent 1st Draft SFX pack April 27th

Wednesday, April 20, 2005


BluePrint Games: Stopmy

- shooting sound
- explosion sound
- reloading gun sound (for when the player picks up the gun)
- Menu selection sound

Could you add a "bonus" sound... like for when you acquire coins. It's one of those "whooobadddeedoop!" sounds Laughing Don't know how to explain that, really...

Monday, April 18, 2005


made a rough map and tweaked up some of the files for implementation on the Towersault Map.

Pick up sounds: Done
Battering ram: Done
Walking Sounds: Done

Knights: Not Done
Ambient: Not Done

Chatted again and he said he would have it to me in "half an hour" never came...and to top it he kindof asked me if I wanted to make "moan-tones" for porn...wild.

Obelisk/Bomberman Clone:
I think for starters, we could use a rumbling sound:

I could also use a nice deep explosion sound:

Dev wants me to work with this other sfx guy...who was unable to come up with any examples, and the ones he did throw togetehr were swamped in so much noise, it was hard to make out the sfx underneath. Wierd indeed...Will however is a good chat, and an on-it kindof fella sofar.

Something about an online interview IRC style...why must they make it so hard.

Thursday, April 14, 2005

And then there were 10? 

Roland put up a bunch of sfx on the ftp that need to be gone through. Decesions need to be made on where to attach them to, and how much of them gets heard at what time. Need to write up good notes so that they can be implemented.

Have a had a week of revolutionary posting by all involved. Hard to encapsulate the progress, has been fast and furious. It is a pleasure working with a programmer who is willing to challenge himself and the project. I hope it continues to go well.
Was recognized for contributions and accomplishments made during the last month including the sound design doc and the recent flurry of activity, nice to be appreciated by a dev...feels good.

*Need to read the EAX doc a little closer and jot down terms and concepts.

Pick up sounds:
Nobles: Eeew, don't touch me sound
Jesters: Comic lafter, ha ha or something
Squires: yes 'em
Farmer: Little humming, Hi ho, hi ho it is off to work go
Merchants: Wha..eh? Or maybe like a change sound added reuse/modify
the tax sound.
Knights En garde: oops or something like fighting then oops
Peasants: Mumble apologies
Serfs: Grumble, complain sound
Royals: Harumph, need 4 for this

Battering ram: Can we make it bang?

Walking Sounds:
Merchant: foot steps with change in pocket (reuse current sfx)

Generally need a few more ambiant sounds, like 4-8 more.
Thowing out the water, Hoeing for farmer, practice sword fight, halt, wagon, etc.

Chatted with the dev and he "assured me" he would have the contract back to me once it got out of his "legal dept". He thought this would be a coupla days...it has been a week. Will recontact asap.

Pending Projects:
Project moving forward, no talk of sound, no contact from dev.

Obelisk/Bomberman Clone:
I think for starters, we could use a rumbling sound. This will be
played at the start of a level. Players are positioned at their
obelisks, though the obelisk is not rendered until they move away from
this point. As soon as they move, the obelisk will rise from the
ground (to the rumbling sound effect) and will mark their resurrection

It doesn't necessarily have to be purely a rumbling sound, just
something to represent the start of a battle, this could mean that the
rumbling is accompanied by another sound effect such as a voice
shouting "Fight!!", or somethign atmospheric such as a deep male choir
voice (kind of as if a spell had just been cast).

I could also use a nice deep explosion sound, pretty short in length
as it will be played every time a bomb goes off (which will be quite

*Obelisk/Battle Begin Sound
*Deep Explosion/Short Bomb Sound

Maginally Cleever:
Poked the dev today, and he was somewhat clueless...he said thanks for reminding him that he was working on a project, and he would contact me. Idiot.

Voodoo Poker:
new game start - 1 shuffling to two half decks of cards
card flipping sound - card flipping (short direction) against another card
select card - a subtle click just for feedback

These last ones may need rethinking depending on how the music turns
out, but here's a stab in the dark (or quiet):
lose a hand - a short rub across a guiro (short)
win a hand - some change being caught together (short
increase rank - a few seconds of cheerful chaotic tambarines, bells,
sticks, etc.

*card select
*cards flip shatter (positional by card flip or suit animation?)
*chip count down

*level up

voodoo theme-talked to Dcent about some music

Contacted dev about this RTS/RPG. They are whipping a demo up to pitch to Ubisoft at the end of April. So far so good, the musician on the project is pretty good, and they have all been mostly helpful so far. Ball is in their court to come up with a sound design doc, or at least on outline of their current expectations with regard to what has been discussed thus far. Pending.

Contacted dev about their Zelda like fantasy adventure rpg. They beamed back making sure I knew it was no pay, and wanting to make sure I was still interested. I said I was, and would be interested in working with other noise makers if need be to complete the project.

Decomissioned Projects:
Babylon 5:
Realized that, aside from knowing nothing about B5, that I didnt really want to have to "copy" the sound of the series for the game. This and the leads inability to communicate and appropriatly handle guiding the team.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

The Real News Now 

Whats News eh?

Really heating up!
played through about 4 hours of HL2 for the first time last weekend.
So far, game play is OK, but the sfx and ambients are tremendous!
Bullets riccochet, explosions bounce off walls, not to mention the sounds of the world.
Got a .zip of Drakir's Towersault map loaded into the game and walked through a bit.
Talked to Roland about getting some of his ambients plugged in.
Moving forward fast!

Still defining parameters and sorting out how to handle the massive amount of sfx and ambient sounds needed for the game. How to scale up the sounds, What level of control we may have, ting's like dees. Would be nice to see the programmer more in the forums or online.

dev has had a "midlife crisis" the past month and has been afk/ unable to communicate to anyof the team members. It was slightly refreshing to hear from the other programmers on the team that he had been unresponsive, at least it meant I had done nothing wrong. Word on the street is that we will still get paid, no matter what.
Still hanging on some more voice assets, and potential volume tweaks if I ever hear back from him.

All sfx and music implemented in game. Dev has been evading me, has been afk for over a month. Never put a contract in place, this one might be slipping through my fingers, time will tell.

Other Floating Project Potentials:
Cataclysmos: In the early planning stages of this "experimental" mmorpg.

Babylon 5 MOD: Mocked up some space shooter sounds/impacts with Buffer Overrun and some LCL Jams...ahh the power of sound manipulation!

Bomberman Clone: No contact with the dev yet, still seems pretty early.

Maginally Cleever: Dev seems to be moving forward with ideas, but havent heard from him since the initial round of contacts regarding his help wanted post.

Voodoo Poker: Need to get a DD going for some sounds.

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