W.A.S.T.E. is a miracle of recycled hardware and free software. Here is a list of components that we've collected and who deserves the credit for it:
o 486/66DX2 motherboard w/ 256K cache - Lord Toad
o 486/33DX motherboard w/ 256K cache - Zachary Onemage
o 386/20DX on 386/33 motherboard - Isaac R. Quincy V
o 386/16SX motherboard - Oxymoron
o 20 meg of RAM - Oxymoron and Lord Toad
o Two Western Digital 2420H - 420 MB hard drives - Oxymoron and Zachary Onemage
o Western Digital 280H - 80 MB hard drive - Oxymoron
o Two US Robotics Sportster 28800 data/fax modems - Lord Toad and Zachary Onemage
#(thanks to US Robotics for replacing Toad's twice)
o Multitech Multimodem 19200 data/fax modem - Zachary Onemage
o Suprafax Modem 14400 v.32bis - DJ Noise
o Multitech 9600 - Oxymoron
o A broken 16550 UART card - John Ello
o A 4-port 16550A UART card - Zachary Onemage
o A VESA Local-Bus IDE/Floppy controller card - Zachary Onemage
o Half a dozen network cards - various
+ 3Com (1)
+ NE2000 (1)
+ NE2100 (2)
+ Unidentified (2)
o Two Sun 3/60 Workstations w/ 8MB RAM, 19" monitors ($100) - Zachary Onemage
+ junk.waste
+ spare-parts.waste
o A cool Sun optical mouse pad - Undisclosed
o A Convex C1 vector processing supercomputer - the Association of Computing Machinery at the University of Minnesota
o A broken WYSE terminal - Zachary Onemage
o An IBM XT 4.77 MHz, w/ 640K RAM, monitor, keyboard - Abdul B'ner
o Linux Slackware 2.2.0 operating system - ftp.cdrom.com
o A Richard for Cerebellum tape - Lorren Stafford
o A tiny little fan for the modems - Papa Snork
o A modem dial-in line - Elvis P. Son

What we need:

o A functioning Sun monitor (for spare-parts.waste)
o EIDE or SCSI drives/controllers
o Big comfy chairs

If you would like to donate to W.A.S.T.E., contact Oxymoron
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