Fun Ways To Answer The Phone at

:D Yeah, what? (sound annoyed)
:D Where did you get this number?
:D W.A.S.T.E.
:D Yeah, yeah, I'm licking your balls.
:D Suicide Hotline, can you hold please?
:D Whaaat? (in your best whiny voice)
:D Dominoes, can you hold please? (our number is close to the local Dominoes')
:D Thank you for calling Compaq Software Support. My name is Lord Toad, may I have your area code and phone number please?
:D Who dis?
:D Wrong numba..
:D You fool! You've ruined everything!
:D Hello? No, I'm sorry [Insert name here] can't come to the phone. My dick's in their mouth.. - Lord Toad
:D Waka waka beachside? You misdialed Fiji!
:D I told you, I don't want your fuckin' newspaper!
:D Annoying-ways-to-answer-the-phone 'R' Us..
:D Yes, senator? (manly voice)
:D Yes, Commissioner Gordon?
:D Chair. (ask Evil Ed about this one)
:D (dead silence)
:D Don't you love me anymore?
:D Hello? Oh fuck, quick, call back, I answered the phone wrong.

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