5 June 1999

The Condemned:
University of Minnesota

PRAXIS Case History

Please read over carefully. Many people have suffered and been lost to bring forth this information.

In the year 2000, the ruling authority of the newly-elected Supreme Presidency has merged the Department of Education, the NEA, and the Department of Defense into one Federally funded entity. The Helms-Reed Act of 1999 waited for the signature of President Patrick Buchanan to become law. Unlimited funding is now available for all Arts programs, as long as the Board approves. The Board is a group of military Psychological Operations Specialists who oversee the educating of all people within society. They provide all the guidelines and the structures for new information. Very little is known about this group in control other than they are present at all times. Every college campus has a collection of these people who actively recruit for their purposes and maintain a constant vigil. They, the members of the Board and it’s affiliates, are extremely well liked, friendly, and truly sinister behind every smile. All State sanctioned theatre is presided over by the Board and it’s associates.

Theatres across the country have become the new centers of power. On all college campuses in America, Theatre Departments are the most important buildings-housing administration and performances alike. All new work and old work espouses the virtues of an authoritarian, mono-culture regime which controls the flow of all new art. The calls for expanded funding in the arts have been answered with dire consequences.

A small group of individuals has managed to salvage books destroyed in a mass government book buy-back plan which provided ample cash for any text. Entire libraries were liquidated, replaced with on-line computer controlled information services. The various underground movements consist of scholars, students, free-thinkers and cyber-jects. They have all managed to save texts from various cultural theorists and artists whose works were explicitly banned under The Constitutional Reorganization Convention of 1999.

Theatre takes place all the time and acting has become the most socially valorized career in America. Most people in theatre and the arts have become blind to what their art is doing. They have all the funding they need, and that’s what matters. Those who fight the system and fail are erased. The convicted are put on public display via torture/executions which reach back to 18th century France. Those who stage random performances are known only through glances and silent publicity. All efforts are made to remove clandestine theatre operations, but their ability to move quickly makes enforcement difficult.

An impending showdown is in the works between the performing underground and the Midwest Department of Arts and Defense (M-DAD) housed at the University of Minnesota. Traps have been set up everywhere and the risk of failure for the underground means total annihilation. They will never have existed and their work will not have mattered. Only a handful are left from the Originals, a group of young performers known only as the Freaks. They were some of the first to “disappear” in the initial cleaning. I, Brotha, son of Prometheus managed to escape by denying allegiance with my comrades. Never again will I betray those who stood by me in the lights. The best minds of our time have been removed and buried. We are all that’s left and time is running out. The stakes have never been higher. Those who dare challenge the system are known on the outside only as PRAXIS. We are The Condemned.