///engineer selections///


Ah, so many to pick from...

The Squonk and His Sad Tale
Love this one. It's so warm and yet so bittersweet. I love the way all the different bits dance around one another.

Deep Sadness [sick again]
One of the pieces that can move me to tears with its honesty and pain. You can feel the demons being exorcised in this one, and the results are achingly beautiful.


from 05-25-02 session:
Track 3-
starts out with directionless meandering, but about 2:30 in, things start to come together. At 6:30, when the drums come in, things really fall into place. Suddenly everyone is reading each other's mind and all feeling of improvisation in the sense of 'making it up as we go along' is replaced by a sense of improvisation as 'everyone playing the same as-yet unwritten song.' In the end, we get something that always makes me think of something off of last rights but with a drastic reduction in the 'piss and vinegar' content...

Track 8-
intriguing in its construction, in that we get a sort of mini preview of the main guitar part and the vocal motive that drop out (germinate) and then resurface slightly more developed about 2 minutes later as the dominant elements of the composition, supported by a subdued yet fertile world that becomes clearly navigable only when between phrases. i love the part at about 5:30, when the main vocal part drops out briefly and a second vocal line pokes through: the melody similar enough that it undeniably belongs, but different enough that it gives the impression of being almost a second, simultaneous reflexion of the composition. again, the impression that this is a spontaneous realization a miasmic music is unshakable...


dreams of sex and violence
dreamy, sad, beautiful and a little frightening
blowing your mind
to me this is our theme song
losing time
beautiful sax duet, Jon Nelson samplings, vocals other wonderful sounds.. everything fits so well

Lord Thakura

The pain inside my eyes
--->The noise additions to this are like coded messages from beyond the rim of our solar system. The synth line is pure and clean, but tensed, ready to spring. And Eric sounds like he's singing just inside the doorway of a tomb. There's a grand tension in this track. One of the coldest, most haunting creations we've ever done and I can't get it out of my head.<----
The Squonk and His Sad Tale
----=+This one fills me with warmth. The drum track is so gigantic and rich. And the piano line is delicately perfect. You can hear a couple different voices drifting in and out of the mix, almost subliminally. Probably my favorite of all time.+=----
love among the comets
..--**Beautiful and trippy. It just makes me happy and calm to listen to this.**--..
--A complex little piece with many little rewards inside. The vibrations move me. I think this is the first track I listened to from Winter Camp 2002 and it has a prime place in my memory because of it.--
Theme From Winter Camp
****At over 26 minutes, you have to hear it to believe. The drama of it, the building and the density of the rhythm is exquisite. Caly starts out with this simple simple phrase. Then I'm also very proud of the harmony we achieve toward the end--and the size of my voice. It feels like singing with your whole body. There's this knot of rhythm and noise at the core of this piece that's so rewarding.****

Eternal East Starlight
--{[This has some fabulous synthesizer sounds. And the rhythm really grows on you.]}--
The Blue Clouds of Venus
....oooOOOThis one rewards patience. Very smooth synth-driven track. There is a rhythm hidden deep inside it.OOOooo....


Kohlrabi- At winter camp, we had this great digital piano to work with at the church, and the electric piano sound really blends beautifully here. The ascending, straining melody of the keyboard interplay is spellbinding.

Dreams of Sex and Violence- very noisy, and yet, what a fascinating collusion of sounds and ideas. This is sensor at it's best, creatively, because this is exactly what the process does- taking disparate elements and making them function together.

Kenosis/When my Savior is at Hand, I'll be sure to meet him on top of the land- I am still pleased with the vocal I did on this one. Heartfelt, ambitious, not quite getting where I hoped to arrive, but good to listen to anyway.

Theme From Winter Camp- An Odyssey of textures and ideas, strung together not just because they happened to succeed each other in time, but because it felt right. Worth the long download.

The Consolation of Andromeda- Once the key is found (come, on, give us a break, we're improvising!) this is a beautiful, lush piece, proving that electronic instruments can accomplish pastorale.

Epiphanea- A successful stomper in the rock idiom. Theologians named it for the Eccesiastic festival of light, on which it was performed. The mix of sounds is perfect and passionate.


wheel of time
****simple accoustic just percussion and singing duet ascending descending it makes me feel very nice****
take me home to the dinner table
****silly bizarre i could eat a tofu cow if such a thing ever existed i could eat a tofu burger sixteen pickles and a purple plum...then it gets intstrumental and turns crazy****
end of the mechanical age
****drills into your head releasing a speedy beat -> hyperactive with noise madness and the end has these great piano arpeggios.****
mr. mueller's last day
****smooth mellow beat. nice shorter ambient piece kind of an interlude i think.****
****sparser ambient and the title is very fitting. there's also this strange sound that's like a little creature making the cutest noise. this one is shorter too****
****dark and plodding spacious i love the dissonant guitar and someone is doing crazy stuff with a harmonica****