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Download Your Favorite Jinkies Tunes In MP3 Format
As a special reward for all of our loyal fans over the years, I am slowly working on putting all of our recording music onto the site in mp3 format for free download. We hope that you continue to enjoy our music for years to come. Check out the Releases page for downloads.

The Jinkies Bid You Farewell
We've been farely quiet since Skappleton back in June 1999. Unfortunately for our fans this is because we've all been terribly busy with the non-Jinkies aspects of our lives. After much discussion we've decided to finally officially call it quits. Since starting The Jinkies in January 1994, the band has been a huge and wonderful part of our lives. So many wonderful memories.

Big news since the break-up: Leah got married in October 1999. The ceremony was beautiful. Pictures forthcoming? Jesse moved to the San Francisco area at the end of January 2000. He recently ran into the Mustard Plug boys. Shawn has also recently moved to Arizona. We had a reunion or sorts over Thai food recently in Minneapolis, and it was great to see everyone.

Look for some reflections from the band here in the near future.