21 October 1999

Aug. 19, 1999
Report 1:

I, Brotha, Son of Prometheus have arrived in Mostar for the completion of a performance project with Bosnian, American, and German performers. Most of the work has already begun, Praxis Group elements are being added as needed. Must find coffee.

Aug. 20, 1999
Report 2:

Mostar is a hot city. Hot like the desert hot. Most buildings are covered in pock marks made by mortarfire or machine guns. White lab coats are unpacked and ready for deployment. Performers in project are eager to stage work. Today, all performers described their futures, as they want them to unfold. Such urgency to flee and escape from the Bosnians. Not surprising but a reminder of the impact of living in a city where the buildings are all covered in holes from mortar shells. Have found good coffee.

Aug. 20, 1999
Report 3:

The young people in Mostar escape the daily heat by jumping in the river. Some of the young men jump into the river from the location of the old bridge connecting east and west Mostar. The bridge is a good 24 meters in the air and makes for a good show. German UN troops were on hand to photograph and videotape the activities. It's hard keeping the peace. In fact, it's so hard S-For (Stabilization Force) takes tour groups out in their buses around the city. It's good to know, that in the middle of complete chaos, tourism still thrives.

Aug. 21, 1999
Report 4:

Today I went to Sarajevo to make contacts for future projects. In the streets of Sarajevo are red splotches. these spots are locations where shells landed in the market square and killed many people. The holes were filled with red concrete to remember the killing. It's a simple but hard reminder to see. THe olympic stadium has also been gutted by bombs. People in Sarajevo are vey nice. Many US troops located in city. It's hard to see military people walking around with machine guns over their shoulders and not feel uneasy. Left labcoat in Mostar.

August 22, 1999
Report 5:

The heat broke. The days are hot and the nights are cool. It makes creating the work easier.

August 23, 1999
Report 6:

Today, more performers began commenting on their futures for an audio file. The Bosnian comments involve words like "flee, freedom, escape,etc." The American statements involve statements like "big house, nice apartment, raising a family,etc." It's an unreal experiece.

August 24, 1999
Report 7:

Americans continue to complain that the coffee machine is broken in the Pavarotti center where rehersals take place. Comments were made about how in the US the machine would have been fixed right away. One of the Bosnians pointed out the US has money, Bosnia doesn't. Complaining stopped.

August 25, 1999
Report 8:

Geckos live in the rocks of Mostar. They spend their days watching the humans and have done so for thousands of years. I had an excellent conversation with the local Gecko historian, over coffee and cigarettes, about ethnic conflict. He told me he preferred being a lizard because then his species could always watch the humans destroy each other and then live in the refuse of battle. His family has done this for centuries.

August 26th, 1999
Report 9:

The project nears completion for Sunday performance.

August 27, 1999
Report 10:

Witnessed performance by Belgrade group CRAFT last night. The work of the two performers has caused a rethinking of what the Praxis Group should do in the future. White lab coat is prepped and appearing Sunday evening.

Aug. 28, 1999
Report 11:

During my exploration into Sarajevo last week I met a Bosnian college student who was interested in journalism and politial theory. We talked only briefly but I gave him a Praxis Group card to look at the web site. He is a friend of a woman here in Mostar. Today, I find out from our mutual Mostarian friend that he already new about the Praxis Group and that he couldn't believe he'd met one of the PG members in Sarajevo. It's an increasingly and eerily small world. Performance is tomorrow in the evening.

August 29-30, 1999
Report 12:

The time has come to leave Mostar. The performance last evening was amazing. The white lab coat was subversively placed into the text. All went according to plan. The performance, spoken in English, German, and Bosnian by a group of twenty performers came together in an amazing way. It's an odd thing, to realize that as an American, I'm in a country 98% of all US citizens will never visit. It's a pity. I've handed over a lab coat to a new Praxis Group member, Agent Perfect. He is heading towards the UK in the next couple of weeks and I hope is able to join up with Agents 700 and Artaud. The coffee machine that has been broken will be fixed by tomorrow. I leave tonight. Yours in the Struggle and the Field. Brotha, Son of Prometheus.