21 October 1999

Press Coverage!
Confuse the Powers That Be!, CityPages, 5/19/99

What our friends did...
GROUP262, Milwaukee, WI


***Sighting #1- The Manhattan Project(S)***

Friday, May 14th. Noon. The McDonalds restaurant on Broadway across from the Immigration Services building on the Federal Plaza. Project Name: Operation Secret Sauce

Saturday, May 15th. Noon. The Guggenheim. Project Name: SACRED GROUND II: Storm the Ramp
*** This Project is part of the International Acts of Difference Day*** and joins performances in Seattle, WA, Minneapolis,MN, Milwaukee ,WI, Chicago, IL, Edinburgh, UK, London, UK, an unnamed location (for personal safety reasons) in Peru and on transport trains moving Praxis Group Agent
Velvet across Europe.

Sunday, May 16th. Noon. Ellis Island.Project Name: Operation Alien Probe

Monday, May 17th. Early Morning. Outside the NBC Studios for the Today show. Al Roker with the microphone. Project Name: Birthday Wish


*** Sighting #2- the Mpls. International Act of Difference***

50 Billion Points of Light Unplugged Reunion Tour....Again

On Saturday, May 15th, 1999 the Praxis Group will build a massive public sculpture near the corner of Lake Street and Hennepin Avenue. The Praxis Group appears from 10am-4pm, building an altar to our favorite consumer culture icon- Mr. Ronald McDonald. Please make a pilgrimage to the location and if ye should get lost on the way, avoid the dragons and look for the white lab coat clerics. The Bullhorn Helmet will call all those near and far to worship. This is a partially solicited but not entirely sanctioned performance. You are invited to participate with offerings to the Great Red-Headed One. Please e-mail the Praxis Group at praxis@tc.umn.edu with questions or examine our web site: www.waste.org/praxis for a complete description of the Praxis Group's subversive past. Yours in the Struggle.

***Confidential Memo, Read with Extreme Caution***


To: To all Subversively Inclined and Motivated Individuals
From: The Praxis Group
RE: The First Annual International Acts of Difference Day

***** The International Acts of Difference Day*****

On Saturday, May 15th, at noon (12pm) the Praxis Group proclaims the First Annual International Acts of Difference Day

The Big Plan:

  1. Create a performance, a happening, an action: something that breaks up the daily routine of human civilization.
  2. Don't break the law-- that's too easy. Break cultural expectations, everyday patterns of behavior. Stand on the line between illegal and different. Do it by yourself or with a group, in a car or in a boat, maybe with a goat. And if you like green eggs and ham, always fight the Man!
  3. The Praxis Group is partial to Shopping Malls, Museums, Pedestrian fairways, and office buildings. Pick any place you want that exists in the public/private sphere.
  4. Why do this? Good question. People have contacted the Praxis Group about participating in our action. We have decided that instead of us coming to locations all over the globe, why not have the world become a performance site for one day. It's a gig the whole planet can play.
  5. How to publicize what you're doing: The Praxis Group will offer our web site for publicity purposes. BUT NOT YET. We need to know who's interested, then we'll make the space. Free of charge and with some style to boot.
  6. Just to prove this is for real, the Praxis Group will have simultaneous events occurring in both Minneapolis, MN and Manhattan, NY. "TarGet, phase II" and the "Manhattan Project", respectively.
  7. Spread the word. It's just the beginning....


The Praxis Group will have Agents in Wales, mapping Dragons. If ye' be there as well, look for the Tall man in the white lab coat. Ask him "if the sea has been foamy?" and he'll give you the information you need.