28 July 2000


< Transmission begins here >

You are cordially invited:

The Praxis Group announces the screened performance of < Operation Legal Reason > on Friday, July 21, 2000 at 5:30pm. The performance will occur between S. 12th and Grant Streets on Nicollet Maill in downtown Minneapolis. This two block stretch of public pedestrian walkway will be under heightened Minneapolis Police surveillance to stifle the rights of individuals protesting the International Society of Animal Genetics conference. The Police action serves the purpose of screening
individuals to determine whether or not they have a "legal reason" to walk on the public streets. The screenings can include "stopping, questioning, and even searching people" for engaging in suspicious

< Look for the labcoats- they tend to cause suspicion.>

The Praxis Group will be performing sections of Heiner Muller's 'Hamletmachine' for the entirety of the two blocks. < Operation Legal Reason > is a test. We look forward to grading the Police on their appreciation of free, live performance in the public domain. If questioned by the Police please state, 'I'm not Hamlet. I don't take part anymore. My words have nothing to tell me anymore.'

- see you on Friday. The Praxis Group.

"My drama, if it still would happen, would happen in the time of the uprising. The uprising starts with a stroll. Against the traffic rules, during the working hours. The street belongs to the pedestrians."

- Section 4, 'Hamletmachine' by Heiner Muller.