5 June 1999

Walker Art Center

The Praxis Group went to the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden and Walker Art Center on the first Saturday in November. The first Saturday of every month is free for all interested parties at the Walker Art Center and the Praxis Group decided to appear for the brand new exhibit on the construction of the Disney Theme Parks. Funny though, the Praxis Group got kicked out of the Walker Art Center for not asking permission to be avant-garde.

This would have been a photo of the Sacred Ground event, but the Walker wouldn't let us take any pictures.

Date of Release: October 25, 1997

  • PRAXIS GROUP announces the initiation of operation SACRED GROUND. On Saturday, November, 1st at 12:00pm where the Cherry rests in the Spoon, the PRAXIS GROUP will strike. You are cordially invited to the performance- an unsolicited, unsanctioned, and destabilizing infiltration of all things Disney. Admission is Free. Any and all questions should be directed to the PRAXIS GROUP at praxis@waste.org.

Read all about it: THOSE WACKY ART GUYS IN LAB COATS ARE BACK, from the Star Tribune