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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

e6 and the tie that binds us 

Well...music delivery went great, PTH dev is satisfied with music from SunPro for in-game and Dcent for the animation.

The deal with e6 seems like going out on a limb, profit sharing in a new (unproven) company. The project lead is pretty together from a business angle...time will tell where his continence lies.

I feel a bit like the gangsters in "KILLING ZOE" when, before the next days big score...they head out in a fast moving car to initiate a safe cracking Eric Stoltz by saying "TONIGHT WE DO HEROIN" and switftly running him through every ringer that Paris(?) has to offer, in a way, to make sure he is the type of guy they want on their team...and wheather he can handle it.

When I began this strange path to sound effects creation it seemed the most important thing was to get my name in the credits, and a little cash in my pocket.

Maybe it is actually learning the skills involved with doing the work...obviously!
(of course when I started I knew everything...lol)


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