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Thursday, February 24, 2005

Project Updates 

Things are clipping along well on the animation.
At 60 seconds the clip requires about 8-10 sound events over a bed of fluffy techno music. The explosions have worked out well for me so far, cool missle noise, standard turret gun sounds with a little high end tweet for flava. All in all shaping up pretty good. Still to do: The Mecha Dance Dance Revolution & Contract finalization.

Put on hold by dev, basically programmer not performing. (saw that coming a mile away) Poked him for payment on CC (last of the audio shipped over 1 month ago) and a 20% milestone payment for the 1st level of music/audio in ROP that was completed by Myself, DCENT, and ROLAND. (he said poke again in a week to see)

Officially welcomed onto the project. Currently digging through forum threads and concepts to get my arms around where to start. Project looks like it is a start-from-scratch/ needs everything plan for attacking. So far the musician has a bit of an attitude, as well as being somewhat disorganized. It was brought to my attention that I would also be manageing the Voice assets...which makes sense...but wasnt included in the original posting) Have made a coupla good connections on the team, overall seems like a buncha dedicated peoples committed to bringing it together. Waiting for a CVS PW so I can get in and play the latest build.
Asset Management, Tasks, Organise, Naming Standard...baby.

Future Air:
Need to start over on sfx creation, most of the stuff I cooked up got shuffled off to PTH. Dev is still afk waay too much, the pursuit of rock stardom...may have lost the plot. Definatly not gonna make the quarterly game production deadline.

Newest build is up, havent dug into it too much...waaay too much going on for that action right now.

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