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Saturday, February 12, 2005


The name of the game today is mobile based gps find and seek.
The sfx have been coming together pretty quick for this, it has been a challenge working in the limited and restricted format of General Midi for these mobile games, but i can see alot of interesting possibilities with the cell phone platform.

Nonetheless, the sound design is pretty limited, and dev's seem to be even more focused than normal on the file size.

Sad to say, but what are people supposed to expect. The cell/mobile market is kindof like the handheld market of the 1980's...very little resources to get jiggy with any major kind of audio enhancements, and even so...who listens to the sound of games on their cells? Hopefully not the people who ride my bus!

Strange to be working with midi, it's a a bit of a foreign language...but in that way, i've been able to approach it from a different angle and eek some pretty cool shit out of the format. Favorite is the "midi-delay" and various other fx tools for the format, that allow for extreme tweaking.

Would be interesting to try some XMF stuff and tweak my own samples for triggering...mebbe mock up a demo for some robot sounds...hmmm.

Music has been slow to the trough on this project...has been a bit like pulling teeth to get a coupla peeps to weigh in with some music. But they are turning in some nice stuff. I can understand where the GM stuff wouldn't be for everyone, but I appreciate their pulling some stuff together for submittal.

The publisher sent work that they needed it all in the bag by mid-week...shouldnt be a problem, just a coupla things to go.

Still no contract/contact with e6...hmmm.

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