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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

The Real News Now 

Whats News eh?

Really heating up!
played through about 4 hours of HL2 for the first time last weekend.
So far, game play is OK, but the sfx and ambients are tremendous!
Bullets riccochet, explosions bounce off walls, not to mention the sounds of the world.
Got a .zip of Drakir's Towersault map loaded into the game and walked through a bit.
Talked to Roland about getting some of his ambients plugged in.
Moving forward fast!

Still defining parameters and sorting out how to handle the massive amount of sfx and ambient sounds needed for the game. How to scale up the sounds, What level of control we may have, ting's like dees. Would be nice to see the programmer more in the forums or online.

dev has had a "midlife crisis" the past month and has been afk/ unable to communicate to anyof the team members. It was slightly refreshing to hear from the other programmers on the team that he had been unresponsive, at least it meant I had done nothing wrong. Word on the street is that we will still get paid, no matter what.
Still hanging on some more voice assets, and potential volume tweaks if I ever hear back from him.

All sfx and music implemented in game. Dev has been evading me, has been afk for over a month. Never put a contract in place, this one might be slipping through my fingers, time will tell.

Other Floating Project Potentials:
Cataclysmos: In the early planning stages of this "experimental" mmorpg.

Babylon 5 MOD: Mocked up some space shooter sounds/impacts with Buffer Overrun and some LCL Jams...ahh the power of sound manipulation!

Bomberman Clone: No contact with the dev yet, still seems pretty early.

Maginally Cleever: Dev seems to be moving forward with ideas, but havent heard from him since the initial round of contacts regarding his help wanted post.

Voodoo Poker: Need to get a DD going for some sounds.

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