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Thursday, February 24, 2005

Project Updates 

Things are clipping along well on the animation.
At 60 seconds the clip requires about 8-10 sound events over a bed of fluffy techno music. The explosions have worked out well for me so far, cool missle noise, standard turret gun sounds with a little high end tweet for flava. All in all shaping up pretty good. Still to do: The Mecha Dance Dance Revolution & Contract finalization.

Put on hold by dev, basically programmer not performing. (saw that coming a mile away) Poked him for payment on CC (last of the audio shipped over 1 month ago) and a 20% milestone payment for the 1st level of music/audio in ROP that was completed by Myself, DCENT, and ROLAND. (he said poke again in a week to see)

Officially welcomed onto the project. Currently digging through forum threads and concepts to get my arms around where to start. Project looks like it is a start-from-scratch/ needs everything plan for attacking. So far the musician has a bit of an attitude, as well as being somewhat disorganized. It was brought to my attention that I would also be manageing the Voice assets...which makes sense...but wasnt included in the original posting) Have made a coupla good connections on the team, overall seems like a buncha dedicated peoples committed to bringing it together. Waiting for a CVS PW so I can get in and play the latest build.
Asset Management, Tasks, Organise, Naming Standard...baby.

Future Air:
Need to start over on sfx creation, most of the stuff I cooked up got shuffled off to PTH. Dev is still afk waay too much, the pursuit of rock stardom...may have lost the plot. Definatly not gonna make the quarterly game production deadline.

Newest build is up, havent dug into it too much...waaay too much going on for that action right now.

Sunday, February 20, 2005

PTH Update 


Looks like some resolution on the PTH front.
A deal has been reached for the liscensing of the music and sfx for use in their game, and demo. All the music and sfx are set for the game, now onto applying the selected music and some fancy sfx for the animation demo.

Deadline March 1st T minus 8 days and counting.


Thursday, February 17, 2005

ROP Bashing 

Tweaked up a coupla ROP SFX based on recent play testing.
Nip and Tuck baby!

Then crafted an email to the programmer who hasnt implemented the music tweaks I asked for over a week ago, as well as some looping problems with walkies and other missing/unexpected sounds.

Finally heard from Darrin for the first time in 2 weeks yesterday.
This was after I sent an email asking for the CVS access we had discussed and payment for CC.
He was busy and unresponsive.
Still no reply from the email(s) I have sent.

Wish me luck!

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

e6 and the tie that binds us 

Well...music delivery went great, PTH dev is satisfied with music from SunPro for in-game and Dcent for the animation.

The deal with e6 seems like going out on a limb, profit sharing in a new (unproven) company. The project lead is pretty together from a business angle...time will tell where his continence lies.

I feel a bit like the gangsters in "KILLING ZOE" when, before the next days big score...they head out in a fast moving car to initiate a safe cracking Eric Stoltz by saying "TONIGHT WE DO HEROIN" and switftly running him through every ringer that Paris(?) has to offer, in a way, to make sure he is the type of guy they want on their team...and wheather he can handle it.

When I began this strange path to sound effects creation it seemed the most important thing was to get my name in the credits, and a little cash in my pocket.

Maybe it is actually learning the skills involved with doing the work...obviously!
(of course when I started I knew everything...lol)


Tuesday, February 15, 2005


I have pulled my hair out over the last month trying to geta midi file to loop seamlessly for these mobile games.


It is seemingly impossible to get it smoothed out.
Tried it all...not off events...a nip/tuck here...a pound/pummel there.


I gues thats why i work with sound...not midi.
Now if I could just convince my composer friends to do the shit BEFORE they send it to me.


Saturday, February 12, 2005


The name of the game today is mobile based gps find and seek.
The sfx have been coming together pretty quick for this, it has been a challenge working in the limited and restricted format of General Midi for these mobile games, but i can see alot of interesting possibilities with the cell phone platform.

Nonetheless, the sound design is pretty limited, and dev's seem to be even more focused than normal on the file size.

Sad to say, but what are people supposed to expect. The cell/mobile market is kindof like the handheld market of the 1980's...very little resources to get jiggy with any major kind of audio enhancements, and even so...who listens to the sound of games on their cells? Hopefully not the people who ride my bus!

Strange to be working with midi, it's a a bit of a foreign language...but in that way, i've been able to approach it from a different angle and eek some pretty cool shit out of the format. Favorite is the "midi-delay" and various other fx tools for the format, that allow for extreme tweaking.

Would be interesting to try some XMF stuff and tweak my own samples for triggering...mebbe mock up a demo for some robot sounds...hmmm.

Music has been slow to the trough on this project...has been a bit like pulling teeth to get a coupla peeps to weigh in with some music. But they are turning in some nice stuff. I can understand where the GM stuff wouldn't be for everyone, but I appreciate their pulling some stuff together for submittal.

The publisher sent work that they needed it all in the bag by mid-week...shouldnt be a problem, just a coupla things to go.

Still no contract/contact with e6...hmmm.

Thursday, February 10, 2005

No time like the present 

Current Projects:
Rings of Power (PC) $$$
Future Air (Mobile) $$$
PlayTreasureHunt (Mobile) $$$
Gladiator (PC)
Valandil (HL2)
Price of Peace (HL2) Possible
Black Dragon (HL2) Possible

Finished Projects:
Ethereal Peace (PC)
Ast3d (PC)
Elemental Wars (PC) $$$
Castle Cards (PC) $$$

Sound Converter
Ringtone Converter


This is a place to keep a detail log of work on SFX projects.

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