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+ Sound . Effects +

The seeds were planted early on, a penchant for experimentation, creative problem solving, deep organizational psychosis, and unique ear for the world. Over the years it grew out of guitar based music steeped in effect pedal ethics, ambient experiments in feedback and noise, taken to the extreme with no-input pedal board noise feasts and finally ending up being implemented as sound effects in video games.

I look back over the development of sound in my life and it seems like such a natural progression. At the crossroads of a career change I asked myself:

Is there a place that will pay me for making weird noise?

Like the Wizard of Oz, my world swiftly returned to the pixelated technicolor landscape of my youth where for days on end I was transported to alien lands, seeking untold fortune, submersed in a sonic landscape of squonking bleeps and sqeeking blops, fending off challenge after challenge in an endless stream of disproportionately oversized end-bosses on my way to the goal that lie always just out of reach.

It was here that I could find my place in life...the decision was clear.

Since then it's been all hard knox education in the online ghetto of veiled illusion and undercover espionage. Reverse-engineering the game audio marvels of our day and age and somehow, through determination and insanity, I've managed to launch my career building invisible fabrage eggs that end up in homes across the planet, leaking sound goo onto living room walls and under granite turntables with mind boggling efficiency. If you dont know what i'm on about, have a look around...and be sure to drop me a line!