Seed 3 Disc Set 2000
101Disk01Seed01.mp3 10Mb
102Disk01Seed02.mp3 152Mb
201Disk02Seed01.mp3 14Mb
202Disk02Seed02.mp3 106Mb
301Disk03Seed01.mp3 11Mb
302Disk03Seed02.mp3 38Mb
303Disk03Seed03.mp3 34Mb
304Disk03Seed04.mp3 66Mb
The Butterfly's View 1998
SooperFlute.mp3 21Mb
2Voophs.mp3 26Mb
The Butterfly's View.mp3 45Mb
Dream.mp3 3Mb
CONvergence Sci-Fi Con 2001
CONmoment.mp3 8Mb
CONvergenceMiniDisco.mp3 144Mb
Beautiful Flute 1999
Beautiful Flute1.mp3 11Mb
Beautiful Flute2.mp3 10Mb
Beautiful Flute3.mp3 11Mb
Beautiful Flute4.mp3 9Mb
The Lost MiniDisco Live in the Lab
The Lost MiniDisco1.mp3 172Mb
The Lost MiniDisco2.mp3 122Mb
The Lost MiniDisco3.mp3 80Mb
The Lost MiniDisco4.mp3 149Mb
The Lost MiniDisco5.mp3 151Mb
The Lost MiniDisco6.mp3 118Mb
The Lost MiniDisco7.mp3 94Mb
The Lost MiniDisco8.mp3 119Mb
The Lost MiniDisco9.mp3 124Mb
LCL Live01 7th St. Entry 2001
01db.mp3 20Mb
02Fire.mp3 20Mb
03Shhh.mp3 13Mb
04SF/FL.mp3 25Mb
05WeAreTheSeed.mp3 11Mb
LabJams Jams from the Lab
LabJam1.mp3 78Mb
LabJam2.mp3 40Mb
LabJam3.mp3 56Mb
LabJam4.mp3 38Mb
LabJam5.mp3 67Mb
LabJam6.mp3 67Mb
LabJam7.mp3 122Mb
LabJam8.mp3 106Mb
LabJam9.mp3 107Mb
Misc The Rest of the Best
TurkeyJam.mp3 74Mb 2003
Symphony6.mp3 18Mb 1994
Sometimes Infinity.mp3 7Mb 2002
Pedall 01.mp3 68Mb 2002
Pedall 02.mp3 44Mb 2002
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