19 March 2001

"For production has an end other than itself, but praxis [action] does not: praxis is itself an end."
- Aristotle

"There is movement from gnosis to praxis, from aesthetics to politics – a movement that makes thought…material and real."
- Thomas Docherty

Everyone In Lab Coats:
A 25 Year Retrospective
Gus Luckys Art Gallery, Minneapolis, MN

View Pictures From The Retrospective

The Praxis Group announces the opening of "Everyone In Lab Coats: A 25 Year Retrospective" at Gus Luckys Art Gallery in Minneapolis, MN. In the historical tradition of Nixon entering China and Bob Dylan picking up the electric guitar, the Praxis Group presents a never before seen collection of performance artifacts, brought together for the first time, in this world-premiere 25 year retrospective. The retrospective features items from the early days of the Praxis Group both before and after the 1974 Reunification Pact. Highlights include the first Lab Coat worn by a Praxis Group member, the groundbreaking manifesto written by the forerunners to the Praxis Group, the Audience of Action!, and the never before seen Monument to the Catastrophic Schism of 1966. The retrospective also includes archival footage of the most infamous and controversial of the Praxis Group performances, including 900 Seconds, SACRED GROUND, and Praxis II: The Condemned.

The Installed Performance Opens October 23, 1999 and Closes November 13, 1999.

Authentically trained Praxis Group representatives will stage a variety of exciting and transformative audience based experiments ONLY during the Opening and Closing nights of this installation. The exhibit will be unpopulated by Praxis Group members but fully functional for public viewing all dates in between 10/23/99 and 11/13/99.

Doors open for the Opening and Closing at 8pm.

Everyone in Lab Coats: A 25 Year Retrospective is at:
Gus Luckys Art Gallery
1626 E Lake Street
Minneapolis, MN 55407

Admission is free but limited to small groups. Tours of the Exhibit are available the Opening and Closing nights. Lab Coats are optional. Obedience is expected.

All questions should be directed to:
John Troyer, Director of Lab Coat Technologies
(612) 870-4736 or e-mail: praxis@tc.umn.edu