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Monday, May 22, 2006
ISACT - End Game
Word from Creative regarding the file loading issue in response to this:

Our game loads all its data from a single packed datafile, and
sometimes needs to do some processing (like decompression) after
reading it. ISACT only seems to provide interfaces like
LoadFile(szFileName), and automatically loads other files (like the
referenced Content/Sample Banks), which isn't flexible enough to work
in that situation. Is there any way to override its file
loading/reading code, so it calls functions that we provide to return
the file data instead of trying to load the file itself?

Currently the ISACT Engine loads all ISACT files directly from disc. However, the feature your programmers are requesting is quite a common request, so this is a high-priority on our "to do" list for ISACT updates.

And so it goes.
Not one to wait around, we'll be moving forward with previos plans for tool integration into our internally delevoped editor.

More to come, Hang in there!


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