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Tuesday, October 06, 2009
Orb-tacular Pixel Junk

The Pixel Junk series from Q-Games has been a consistently artistic venture since their first Monsters edition, through Eden, and now with the impending release of Shooter. Sitting in on a localized presentation with the primary artist of Eden was like watching a Japanese Hippy Mystic hold court over a kingdom of geeks while talking about Rorschach, dripping oils, and spaced out sea life.

With Shooter, Q-Games will be adding High Frequency Bandwidth as the soundtrack creator. Comprised of one half of The Orb, good things can be counted on for the music propulsion of this fluid simulation showcase.

Dylan Cuthbert on Q-Games Audio from Jeriaska on Vimeo.

Bonus Points:
Baiyon Interviews The Behemoth



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