0 A.D. Audio Development I signed on as Sound Designer for this Historical RTS currently in production at WildFireGames called 0 A.D. ("zero ay-dee") in March of 2005.
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Friday, June 03, 2005
Audio Implementation - Intensity & Priority
Sound Sphere Concepts

Intensity thus far defined as:
If number of sources on screen is less than 4 then play intensity 1 (mono)
If number of sources on screen is 4-9 then play intensity 2 (stereo)
If number of sources on screen is 10-20 then play intensity 3 (stereo)
If number of sources on screen is 21-40 then play intensity 4 (stereo)
and so on...
*Edited: replaced severity with intensity

Priority thus far has been defined as:
100=0- emergency use only (undefined overhead)
90= required (voiceover, you are under attack warning)
80= rather important (battle sounds, death, destruction)
70= rather important (building)
60= not so important (resources)
50= fluff (ambient - birds, etc.)
*Edited: removed previos priority numbering system

Allowing for priority ranges between values.