0 A.D. Audio Development I signed on as Sound Designer for this Historical RTS currently in production at WildFireGames called 0 A.D. ("zero ay-dee") in March of 2005.
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Friday, June 02, 2006
Audio Tools - Redux
So I'm recovering from the ISACT limitations and trying to finalize features in our proposed audio tools.
I'm gonna try to boil down everything into easily understandable bullets.

Here are some things that have been identified as "must-have" features of the suggested audio tools:

1. OPENAL Parameter editing including:

2. Flexible selection of multiple files for OPENAL parameter editing in audio_class.xml & audio_group.xml.
3. Flexible selection of multiple files for adding to and defining audio groups in audio_group.xml.
4. Play lists with the ability to loop based on audio_class or audio_group.
5. Randomization: use order/use chance, assign weight of chance, prevent repeats (non-standard), add silence or define frequency (i.e. play every 15 seconds or randomly within range)
6. Animation sound attachment

We will be looking at integrating these tools into our robust editor ATLAS which is already handling a host over other tools that will aid in the communities further modifications of the game post release.

Until next time true believers!